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Our Members
Our Members
Pug Central was formed as a result of Orlando area pug owners (Carol & Linda) looking for playmates for their little angels/demons. Messages posted on the net led to a meeting of their 6 pugs, then 8 and it just kept growing! There are now over 70 pugs and their human members. The puggies play to their heart's content; there is really no fighting...just an occasional brief disagreement. By the end of the play group, the pugs are exhausted, smiles on their faces, tongues hanging out, tails straight. The humans have enjoyed sharing stories about their ‘babies’ and watching the antics unique to pugs. We are always looking to welcome new members to our club (there can never be too many pugs!). There are no dues. Membership requires that you love pugs (and who doesn’t!) and are willing to share pug kisses. Members who host have fenced in yards and a/c, a must for letting the pugs have the freedom to run amok! If you are from out of state and would like to visit, with or without your pugs, please feel free to join us.
The original group, founded by Carol & Linda
The Original Founding Furkids
More Members on Page 2
More Members on Page 2
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Please visit our little friends waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
Pugs Giving to Pugs
A PROF rescue event!
Lake Parker Park, Lakeland, FL
Saturday, November 8, 2003