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Sam's Webpage
           My name is Sam.  I am an all-american dog! I was born in Minnesota, but now live in Florida.  My mother was a Border Collie and my father was, well, we think he may have been Collie or Bernese Mountain dog, but who knows?  My mother was either a feral or abused dog who was captured by the nice folks at Paws and Claws Humane Society in Rochester, Minnesota, just days before her litter of 7 was born.  Mom, renamed Willow, was not very social to people and it took some time for her to come around, but eventually she was adopted, as were all of her puppies.  I was the biggest of the litter, twice the size of my siblings.  I now weigh 65 lbs.  People say I look like an australian shepherd with a tail!  I love to run really fast outside and chase butterflies, birds or anything else that moves.  I try to herd the family pugs, but they are not very cooperative.  I was  3  years old on November 2, 2001. I may be a big baby, but I'm still a great watchdog.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of me
Here I am at 8 weeks
old.  Wasn't I cute?
My sister LuLu is the real boss!
My buddy, Pudgey
This is my 'Lassie' pose. I know lots of tricks, like, sit, stay, heel, come, down, stop, crawl, dead, high 5, and speak. 
I am quite good at relaxing......
The pugs wear outfits, but Mom can't leave well enough alone....
He men do so have pink toys
I am really fast at weave poles!
Thanks for visiting!
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