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Quad State Pug Play Group
Latest Pug Party - April 13, 2002
We couldn't have asked for a nicer day - NO RAIN, high 60's, no humidity.  A great turn-out of pugs and people, old friends and new.  Heather and Keith came the furthest this outing, taking the ferry from Long Island to Bridgeport.  The pugs played, ate many treats and had a great time.  Enjoy our pictures and make plans to join us for the next party!
Bailey & Baci with Heather & Keith
Emily with her people Kim & John
Gizmo & Jack with Casey & Jan
Janet with the puggy 'hostess' LuLu
Judy, who thoughtfully left her sick puggies at home, falls for Michelle's little guy, Noah
Michelle with Moses & Noah
Trish & her Mom, Janet, with
Ollie, Tess & Noah
Pam & her Mother, Lillian, with
Opal & Billy
Renee and Jewel
Chip with his girl, Sam
Karen with Tani and Violet
Little Beggars!!
And after everyone had gone home......
Kramer and LuLu took a much needed nap
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