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LuLu came to live with us when she was 4 months old.  Her first family couldn't keep her, as their little boy was allergic to her.  So we became her second and forever family in June of 1998.  LuLu started out as Flower Daisy Sprinkles, but we renamed her Lu Chen Pugxi.  She has always been bossy and when we acquired Sam in December of 1998, she let him know who was in charge!  Only weighing 19l bs., LuLu thinks she is a big tough girl, but at night wants to snuggle with Mom, Dad or anyone with an available lap!  She loves attention and gets it any way she can. We hope you enjoy her pictures!
LuLu, 4 months old, with her beany
"Miss Pug America"
Halloween 1999
LuLu showing off her lil' puggy butt
Happy Girl
We know she's sleepy when she gets her bone
LuLu and brother Sam
LuLu is an interactive TV watcher!  She especially gets agitated over dogs, horses and running people. The news usually puts her to sleep.
LuLu is NOT happy about Maggie taking over HER Daddy's lap!
LuLu after being scolded
Kramer bugging LuLu
Summer 2001, Connecticut
Ms. Claus
Summer 2000, Florida
Easter Puggy
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updated 08/2003
LuLu's 4th birthday picture