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You are visiting the webpage of a very special pug named Kramer.  Now 8 years old, he spent the first 5 years of his life in a dirt pen as a stud dog, even though he has been totally blind since birth due to a genetic birth defect.  Kramer was rescued in 2000 by Pam Mayes of Alabama Pug Rescue and she became his foster Mom for 2 months. During that time she taught him about human kindness and love and started him on a healthy road to recovery.  We were fortunate to adopt Kramer as a member of our family on July 27, 2000. He has made more progress than we could have ever hoped for.  He is potty trained, has alot of self-confidence and is just totally loveable.  Also, he's spoiled rotten!  We hope you enjoy your visit with our little man.
Pugs were bred in the Imperial Courts of China, then came into favor in Europe in the 16th Century.  They were especially popular in England during the Victorian Period, as noted by the many depictions of Pugs in paintings and advertisements.  Currently, the Pug ranks as the 15th most popular dog registered with the American Kennel Club.  However, as far as Pug Owners are concerned - PUGS RULE!
When I saw this picture of Kramer posted on the internet, it was instant love.  I was looking for a black pug, but instead, found myself drawn to this beautiful fawn guy.  After reading his sad story and finding out he was not only totally blind but not housebroken, it took some soul-searching to approach adoption.  Obviously Kramer won out and I am thankful every day that he did!
If you are thinking of adopting or are owned by a blind dog, this support group is just fantastic.  Ask questions or just drop in - they have a wealth of knowledge and understanding.
Kramer's Photo Album
'Easter Bunny - 2001'
Halloween - 2000
Snoozing with Sam
This is my bossy sister LuLu.  All of the family dogs have their own webpages.  If you'd like to visit them, click on their names
Our Family Webpage
Kramer, LuLu & Pudgey
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Site Awards
The Singing Reindeer, 2001
In 2000, before eye surgery
July 2002, 3 months after surgery
Kramer had a tough 6 weeks in February - March, 2002.  We noticed that he was squinting his right eye and that it was obviously tender to the touch.  After weeks of antibiotics and eye meds, he had 4 teeth removed, thinking that may have been the cause of the pain.  Everything was okay for a week or so, then back to the eye pain.  We then took him to a Veterinary Opthalmologist who diagnosed a shifting lens.  Since we were preparing to move to Florida, we decided to postpone surgery.  Unfortunately, Kramer took a turn for the worse, and when we took him back to the Eyevet, she found he had glaucoma.  His eye was removed on March 28, 2002 and replaced with a prosthesis.  He is getting back to normal, roaming around the house and having hissy fits:)  Momma's Boy is back!
July, 2002
not looking a day over 4....
If you visit the Alabama Pug Rescue site, please read 'Letter to a Backyard Breeder' under Expressions of Love.   Kramer is the "Skinny" in the article.
Kramer won the Male Beachwear competition at this year's Alabama Pug Rescue - Pugs on Parade!
To see lots of photos of the POP event, click on  the poster!
I am being attacked by my new sister, Tally (aka the Pest)