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Thanks for visiting our webpage.  We moved back to Florida in May of 2002 from Trumbull, Connecticut, where we had lived for a year.  Before that we lived in Gainesville, Florida for a year, Orlando for a year and Minnesota for 10 years.  We've resided in the 4 corners of the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico during our 29 year marriage.  Our daughter Teri lives in Orlando with her 2 pugkids.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos.  Each of the pets has their own webpage (except for Tinkerbell, who prefers to retain her privacy) and would love for you to look at their funny pictures!
LuLu, Linda, Sam, Kramer & Nick
Teri with her 2 'kids'  Maggie & Pudgey
Our Border Collie mix Sam giving the razzberries
Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
Always loving and always loved
(who may not be there yet)
The Nichols
The Nichols