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All it took was a few messages over the internet and a play group was formed.  Pug folks from New York and Connecticut met on June 23, 2001 for the simple pleasure of introducing their puggies.  Although it was a hot and humid day, the pugs sniffed, played and generally had a good time (so did their humans).  More play groups will follow - stop back to visit and check up on us! P.S. Everyone is welcome.  Just passing through or need a "pug fix"?  Come on over!
Baby Doll's Mom, Maureen
Eileen & Paul (their boy Buddy is most likely under her chair)
Linda's little man Kramer makes new friends
Baby Jewell enjoyed playing in the dirt - way too cute!
Linda's puggy girl LuLu makes a new buddy!
Quad State Pug Play Group
Milo                 Emily & her boy Scooter
Rebecca, ??, Emily, Eileen, Maureen, Linda & Renee with Milo, ?, Scooter, Buddy, Baby Doll, Kramer, LuLu & Jewel

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