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Tally's Webpage
My name is Tallulah Belle.  I turned one year old on June 28th, 2003!           My Mom and Dad adopted me from Alabama Pug Rescue on June 7, 2003, so I am quite new to the family.  Mom has been a volunteer with APRA for 3 years, since adopting my brother, Kramer.  She had been waiting a long time for a black female pug and was very excited when I came along!
I am called Tally because Tallulah sounds alot like LuLu, who is my new pug sister.  LuLu and I like to play together sometimes, which Mom says is a miracle, since LuLu is such a diva.  I also have a big brother named Sam, who is not a pug, but that is okay.   He lets me chase him around the yard and jump all over him.  There is also a cat here that I like to bark at.  (She is not a pug). 
I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures - aren't I cute???
Tally's Webpage
Playing with my brother, Sam
Hanging out with LuLu
Down and dirty with Kramer
There are alot of pugs looking for a good home.  They may not always be as young and cute as I am (who is?), but they are full of love.  Won't  you please consider giving a rescue pug a home???
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Honest Mom, we are just playing....
Here I am, resting on the pool steps.  I LOVE to swim and race with my humans!
Caught in the act!!!
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